East Coast Travels

Google maps says it’s 11 hours and 26 minutes, showing some construction along the way to Louisville, KY.  I haven’t checked beyond that for the full route, as I enjoy taking it one day at a time.
Destination:  South Dakota to take a closer look at Mount Rushmore and the Louisiana Purchase.  In 11 hours and 33 minutes I can be in Cape Canaveral, FL learning more about Space Travel.

I considered going through Indiana and Illinois for a faster more direct route to the state, but since I’ve already traveled through Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois, I’ve decided to take a different route, even if it takes longer, since I’ve never seen Kentucky or much of Missouri.  I plan to travel from Louisville to St. Louis, to Kansas City, all the way up on the border of Nebraska and Ohio, cutting over through South Dakota.  Climate Change was always on the forefront, as well as the decline in Human Intelligence.

Although I didn’t get to travel to the Carolina’s or Florida, I think I’ve seen enough of the east coast to satisfy my appetite, especially since I’ve been here before.  My travels up through Virginia, Washington DC, New Jersey, Delaware, New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts was quite a journey.  Just passing through and staying a few months in Massachusetts was enough to experience the New England States and although I didn’t get to enjoy a hot bowl of local Clam Chowder, I was able to enjoy the early winter months to find out it’s not much different than the mountains of California. Traveling through West Virginia, I found an area hit by a devastating storm, possibly a tornado, where bugs ruled the air.

Here in Virginia Beach, I can’t say I’ve found anything too different, other than cleaner beaches and a different style of beachfront homes.  The houses are larger, more colonial style, as expected, but mainly the same A-Frames as in the California suburbs.  We had two snow storms, trapping us indoors for a few days at a time and the weather in the early months of summer was never consistent; Rainy one day and high 80s to 90s the next; almost as if it were bipolar and confused.  I didn’t witness anything fancy from the sky, other than F-16s flying over on a daily basis from NAS Oceana.  I visited the local Air Museum, considered volunteer as a tour guide in my spare time here, but opted to just hang out and attempt to settle in.  I became an American Legion Member, attended a few meetings, functions, and got involved in local Veteran’s initiatives.  I wasn’t pleased with opportunity in Virginia, nor was I pleased with conducting business with the City or the Commonwealth of Virginia, so I’ve decided to continue my journey to experience other states; states that I have not visited, that offer a part of American Political History and I will explore the land, learn more about the Louisiana Purchase and the History of Native Americans.  Human Intelligence:  still classified.

I did not take the time to revisit Colonial Williamsburg, but did travel up through the area for a meeting with the Veterans of Foreign Wars; we’ll call that good barbeque; nothing of higher intelligence.  I remember the tourist site didn’t vary much from what I’d already seen at Sutters Fort in California, not offering anything extraordinary about East Coast History.  I did spend about a month and some days in Western, Virginia near Roanoke enjoying the humid weather.  It was a more unique part of the state, offering some what of a historical feel combined with new modern buildings.  There was still a large oppressed population, but the city appeared to be thriving and evolving offering local Universities, Shopping Malls, Rivers, and Local Commerce.  I stayed with the Veteran population and found I lacked the ability to connect with them and left because of bad living conditions.  There doesn’t seem to be a healthy place for traveling veterans and that trip didn’t offer a sound chance of settling in to live and work.  Government programs are riddled with Red Tape, limiting access to anything worthwhile.  Even though the NASA school was a neighbor, I didn’t sense the presence as I’d hoped.  I could’ve stayed long term, but the population disgusted me.

I worked for a little while in Virginia Beach, in Government Risk Management Software, but it was old school, as if the industry had not evolved and certainly not up to par with the kind of commercial technology I’ve worked with.  I couldn’t bring myself to work with it, even though the clients were NAVAIR and NASA, I just laughed and gladly gave them my resignation.  I am aware of what the purpose of the PRO CONCEPT task was glad to have completed it, enjoyed the promise of weekly lunch, my own office, and access to all the greatest government clients, it just wasn’t what I hoped for.

Will I regret not visiting Long Island to at least see the Statue of Liberty in person?  Three hours in New York was enough for me.  I am only 41 and have nearly half my life left, so maybe I’ll save it for me and my prince charming when he decides to pick me up in his star wars jet.

I have no plans beyond this, other than to reduce my reliance on the Veteran population for as long as I can.  I will most likely want to continue my travels into Montana, Wyoming, and perhaps through the mountains of Colorado as weather and circumstances permit since I am heading out in July and these areas get heavy rains and snowstorms in the winter.  Internally, I’m sensing an unexciting trip.

Fine, I’ll head to Florida instead and enjoy the beach, Cape Canaveral and focus my attention on NASA instead of the old Louisiana Purchase.  Perhaps a year there will better equip me for a trip up to the Dakota’s where I may find more appreciation in Mount Rushmore.  Let’s just hope I don’t get abducted by a Cuban, eaten by a Crocodile, or destroyed by a hurricane.

I better see some evidence of Time Travel, Astrophysics, and Intelligent Life forms or you have in fact found a better planet, left me, and I’m just waiting in line to be the next in flight.  Obviously I have more information to gather before I can leave the planet.  I will do some research, focus more on the moon and less on the Civil and Cyber Wars, but I need a promise of safety, security, and room to explore past, present, and future.

So, my plans are set:  Florida to focus on Space and Time Travel.  Maybe at some point I’ll be able to write about all of the exciting things you’ve shown me in intelligence, star wars, naval communications, and space travel.

Now I have something to look forward to.


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