Dodging Bullets

Who me?  Never.  Yes, I’ve dodged plenty of bullets.  I missed one by about 2 inches during my sleep one night in a gunfight in the next room.  Not longer after that, I found myself caught in the midst of two young men in a fight at school walking through the line of fire with a weapon drawn.  A few years later, I dodged what seemed to have been a gun at a mall with laser targeting. Maybe it was a joke, but pretty real to someone becoming used to dodging bullets.  I’ll never forget being at friend’s party in high school when she pulled out her Dad’s shotgun to chase off bad boys at the party who were fighting.  I wasn’t more than two steps away from her in her rage, deciding if I should take the gun from her or just stand back and hope no one got shot.  As a little girl, my brother and I ran from an angry farmer who had weapons to protect his cornfield.  I also dodged my brother’s 22 rifle in fear it would go off and kill me, but since he never actually pointed it at me and fired, I guess that can’t be considered dodging a bullet.

I’ve also dodged bomb threats, anthrax, and other forms of weapons used by the enemy. As a child, I enjoyed shooting weapons at cans out by the lake, never fearing I’d be shot accidentally, but always aware it could occur.

I had an abusive boyfriend that carried an AK-47 who threatened to kill me, but he never pointed it at me or followed through, but I’ve had my experience with weapons and madmen.  I’m still here writing about it.  I dodged a bullet a few years ago in Arizona when a gun went off that looked like a drive by.  I ran and slid under a car to protect myself, waiting for the gunman to come out; running in the house to protect myself.

I’ve had my share of stalkers, encounters with murderers, and madmen, psychopaths, and abusive personalities, enough to know when to keep my distance.  I guess since I’ve had so many near death experiences I have less fear of it.  I have more fear walking in the back of horse than I do being shot by random gunman.

Studying ballistics in school was fun; to understand trajectory, bullet removal, forensics, gun laws, registrations, background checks, school shootings, and the stigma the poor mental health community deals with because people don’t understand illness and weaponry.

I’ve never owned a weapon, or used one to protect myself, other than a set of keys or knives.  If I was attacked, I don’t think I would be able to use them properly to defend myself and would most likely upset the attacker causing more harm than good.  If I did carry a weapon, I’d want to be reassured that I could use it without a 20 year court trial and the possibility of life in prison.  God knows I’d use it to protect myself.

I carried an M-16 daily for 8 weeks straight and I’ve had the pleasure of firing whatever the tanks major weapon was; causing an explosion a mile away.  I take pride in this and enjoyed seeing them in action.  I’ll admit, I do like weapons.


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