The Tech Watch

The new and exciting Tech Watch is now on the shelves offering step tracking, phone connection, email and access to Social Media.  Is this a threat to the smartphone and the intelligence community, worthy of investment, or is it another wasteful short-lived gadget to add to the list of ‘interceptors’ or fad products?  How do you forecast longevity and know when to put it on a “Watch List” worthy of Long Term Investment.

It is a product that started out in cartoons, just like many others, so how many businesses would spend time researching the products progression by reviewing it’s design use, popularity, and profits during the years on TV and is there anyone willing to research it to show what we watch on Television as children, we later create and enjoy as adults?  Can anyone show other products of similar capability in cartoons that are also on the market today to either invent or invest in?  Could “cartoons” be an area of investment intelligence?

A watch that knows where I’m at, what I drive, where I work, who I talk to, who’s talking and walking with me, where I go, and what I think.  I’d buy it tomorrow if I could, but can it virtually teleport me to another land?

It is in the category of “Wearables” so does this mean there are other competitive products offering the same technology?  What are the Tech Wearables?  Watches, Headphones, Jewelry, Shoes, Jackets, all kinds of items with the ability to carry trackables, interceptors, transmitters, and eye catchers.

What one might view as an exercise tracker, just might be the next weapon.  How does Corporate stay informed about business intelligence security and devices being sold to kids all across the land and how does the Family Businessman handle intelligent devices on the wrists of small children that could put his entire company out of business with just a single friendly connection.

Better yet, how does the world stay friendly and not create a social gap just because Mom or Dad’s a businessman trying to protect his trade secrets.  How does Dad or Mom know when to invest in such a product and how do they know it has longevity and doesn’t cause Social Destruction, Financial Ruin and other major healthcare side effects?

Oh the Potential for the Tech Watch!

Target Customer:  Kids, Athletes, and Businesspeople.


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