Astrology as a Science

Let me ask my Astrophysicist if it’s possible to make Astrology a Science.
Astrology is built up on Astrological Star Signs and predictions are made based upon your date of birth and interaction with other star signs.  For many years I read my horoscope on a daily basis deciding if it was accurate or inaccurate, being aware that the prediction was used as a catalyst to assist throughout daily navigation.

Many astrologers write horoscopes to predict or tell you how your day will go.  Some people read them at the start of their day and some read them at the end of the day; some read them at both points, but the purpose is to see if the prediction was accurate, much like the weather, and where the Scientific Method is used to test a theory through observation and experimentation.  Just by reading a horoscope, I’ve already instilled an idea of how my day is going to go; with an internal conversation establishing want based upon what someone else says; a need for some people as evidence that someone else understands my personal psyche or atleast my birthdate.  Remember, friends are great friends if they honor, celebrate, and know your birthday.

In order to use the scientific method in deciding if a horoscope is accurate or a self-fulled prophecy is like asking who is in charge for the day.  First, you have asked the astrologer to help predict the day, therefore you have allowed your astrologer to provide insight; secondly, you form an expectation and want that your astrologer is correct; internally creating a union with your astrologer to help make it correct, if it is to your liking.  So a relationship is formed and observed to see who is correct and you use your own actions to make the unwanted portion of the prediction incorrect, by looking for signs or situations where it might be true.  This is called awareness and seeking to fulfill or prevent the prediction.

Without an Astrologers prediction, you rely on yourself and your own understanding and desires, but most likely internally rely on something higher such as a God or a friend (often asking God for guidance or signs to show you the way to go since you don’t already know yourself).  So can you scientifically decide astrology using astrophysics?  You would have to understand Physics and believe in the Stars to really believe in it.  You would also have to understand and develop your own powers in manifestation to really enjoy Personal Power, and want to establish your own Predictive Abilities in yourself and others to understand the Psychic Astrologer.  You do this on a daily basis, but aren’t always 100 % correct and we all want to know why; what was the reason our prediction was off and why didn’t things go as we hoped or expected.  Was it a matter of time, power, chance, bad luck?  How do we measure it?

Prediction:  My Day is Going to Be Filled With Positive Interactions, but someone will try to ruin the day.

First, it started out positive, with an expectation that the day is going to be great, but someone will come along and ruin, so there is some negativity and unwanted encounters in the prediction.  Is this from a mindset that “there’s no way I can have a great day because there’s always someone around that will ruin it” and if that’s the mindset; then the mindset is pessimistic and an expectation is set or concern is set that It Can’t Be A Perfect Day because there’s ALWAYS someone that will come along and ruin it.  So, to change this or combat it:  Either 1) Change Your Environment or 2) Change Your Hypothesis.

But what if that’s what the astrologer said.  Then you will be watchful for that person that comes along and ruins it.  So by looking for someone negative, you might actually be inviting that negative person into your environment just by that expectation; or alternatively keeping that negative person away from your environment by being aware that your trusted adviser has this insight.  You might be in the early stages of the relationship with your trusted adviser, so you might need to see it in order to believe in the prediction; thereby making it an overall good day because your PURPOSE was to 1) Test Their Prediction; or 2) Fulfill the Horoscope; so your purpose was fulfilled.

So systematically, you must first Trust in the Horoscope to determine if the Astrologer was correct or incorrect.  Secondly, if correct, you might continue to trust the Astrologer and learn that you have control over the outcome.  Then you learn and are watchful how you control the outcomes, determining if it was by your own doing or your astrologers’ doing.

So determining if the Astrologer is in Charge or if You are in Charge is a whole other area of study, but atleast you see how a prediction can be fulfilled through belief and awareness and once you see that you can begin to create your own beliefs and awareness fulfilling your own prophecies, but beware of your inner critic; The one inside that says “It’s Never Going To Happen” or “I know I’ll Fail.”

Using the Scientific Method in Astrology is not in question.
Hypothesis:  How is my day going to go?
Prediction:  Great, but someone will try to ruin it.
Observation:  It went great, but someone tried to ruin it.
Conclusion:  My day went great, someone tried to ruin, therefore my Astrologer’s Prediction was not only accurate, but also that my day was great and even better when the prediction was proven, making the encounter with the person trying to ruin it, less irritating than if I were just blindly go about my day with an irritating person.  OR, I learned awareness in being watchful for what my astrologer said and learned how I created an expectation in my own mind by believing my astrologer, so now I understand if I don’t believe what my astrologer says, then I can make a more accurate and better hypothesis that leads me to a GREAT DAY of MY OWN MAKING!!

Now go learn about Physics and the Law of Attraction and stop relying on a Bright Thing in the sky that’s made up of Gas to tell you how your day is going to go.  OR contemplate Science vs. Mystical Religion.  Scientifically stars are made up of gasses and religiously or mystically, they are magical heavenly bodies guiding your way.



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